Challenges you will encounter during essay writing

As you pass around, you will hear college students saying essay writing is difficult. Indeed, essay writing is difficult but it is also possible for one to turn it the other way round. This can be done by simply addressing its challenges and what can be done to make them go away. Once this is done, essay writing will become everyone’s favorite.

One of the major challenge students face during essay writing is using unreliable sources. Internet being one of the major sources that students run to, not all information it gives is reliable and appropriate for an essay topic. The internet should therefore not be the first source to run to during essay writing. The information you collect from there will be more complex than what you are expected to do. Students may overcome this predicament by using their class notes, college library books or ask the professor for reliable sources.

The reason why most students get poor grades is due to submission of irrelevant essays. What they do is quickly get the assignment and begin to write without thinking why the professor has assigned them that specific topic. Students therefore end up writing something that is out of context. Students need to take time to understand what the examiner wants and write exactly that.

Planning is another challenge that students need to address. There is no way you will finish your essay writing in time without sketching a good plan.

You need to schedule your writing activities and ensure you achieve all the targets you set in your plan. With a plan in your mind, rarely will you forget about a page of an essay that you left pending.

Poor grammar and spelling is almost everyone’s problem. Many students would find essay writing a challenge because of the poor skills they posses for grammar and spell checking. But this should not be a reason to make you quit your essay writing. Once you complete your paper, hire a professional editor and proofreader to go through your essay. This is a challenge that should never prevent you from writing an essay.

Essay writing will be much simpler when you address the following challenges. It’s obvious that students encounter different challenges and beat others. They should use what they are good at to overcome their weaknesses. That is what makes essay writing fun.